EHA welcomes your support as an individual, club, School, Organization to partner with.


EHA, is a vessel of work that will produce valuable impact on the lives of some of the most vulnerable citizens, and this will connect you with many promising change-agents working for social justice across Uganda/Africa.

We are committed to sensitizing and raising awareness among media, Human Rights organizations, NGOs, educational institutions, medical and psychiatric institutions, and other influential social groups through workshops.

Creating and sustaining visibility in the public domain to call attention to human rights violations, discrimination and stigma related to gender identity, disability and color.

Providing support services for EHA beneficiaries, including a helpline service, crisis intervention, group support and referral services.

Training on a variety of topics including countering discrimination and health and safety violations in the workplace.

Therefore EHA welcomes your support either as an individual, club, School, Organization to partner with. We also welcome volunteers with different expertise in any of our projects, programs, activities and web site maintenance.

Feel free to contact us!

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Legal Aid Clinic
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