acquisition of practical skills for better livelihood is supported through vocational training

vocational training

EHA, is establishing Vocational School for Youth “boys & girls” in the most disadvantaged position in their community margins.

Currently, they are being sponsored in a private center where they are learning practical skills in animal husbandry, carpentry and joinery… plus hairdressing.

However, in the near future, once the Organization obtains the required funds for furnishing its own infrastructure, all costs relating to extreme payment of tuition and other School needs will be trimmed.

Some of the objectives of this Vocational School are:

  • To offer a comfortable learning environment for all students free from bullying, name calling, pain, threats and isolation experiences
  • To equip all students “youths” with practical skills which reduce the problem of unemployment by 40%.
  • To reduce the highest undocumented number of our target group who seek asylum in the west or elsewhere but find difficulties in becoming employed due to lack of any basic profession in life.

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