HIV-AIDS Prevention focuses on linking the community to health activities thru outreach services

HIV / AIDS Prevention

In the 1980s, one of greatest presidents of the United States of America, Ronald Reagan, hadn’t got a clear picture of what the HIV/AIDS Crisis meant then. So, at some occasions he literally referred to it as a Gay Plague! Well, meaning, it was only a disease for gays. However, years after, upon appointing the experts of the Disease Control Departments, he realized his perception was wrong. Indeed, HIV/AIDS became a universal challenge today. It knows no sexual orientation, color, race or religious affiliation.

Our direct target groups in all the districts include the several clusters of the invisible communities at the highest risk as well as several distressed College students. The key targeted groups include but limited to disabled persons, Youth both out of school and the unschooled but facing the highest level of invisibility/discrimination due the social imbalances, People living with HIV and AIDS (PHAs), This project entirely reaches out to the key populations of Uganda through partnership with line Organizations.

This project is combination of situation analysis through a scientific study to understand various dynamics of management of HIV/AIDS patients, followed by formulation of strategies / procedures based on findings of study and application of appropriate interventions at various levels.

There is also a lack of power for individuals to take action against HIV/AIDS and a lack of social spaces to discuss issues encompassing HIV/AIDS. Individuals in the rural communities are more likely to have learned about AIDS though an impersonal source such as the radio, than through personal sources such as participatory communication, which is more likely to change people’s behaviors.

Many people do not know their status, as there are limited places for people to have VCT. There are only a few ART care centers that are handling the testing and offering ART Services.

The organization also still requires focusing on synergistically linking the community to the Project health facility activities through a number of our outreach services conducted by volunteers at different levels.

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HIV AIDS Prevention
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