education & livelihood project focuses on seeking support to maintain our beneficiaries in school

education and livelihood

Soliciting the financial support for our beneficiaries “target populations” who are regularly expelled from Schools, families and communities in Uganda has never been an easy task; more especially in times of emergency. This is a farming project in which the beneficiaries are directly involved during holidays or emergency breaks. Agriculture is one of the reliable projects feasible to sustain their education provided the start-up funding is secured. There are no taxes on farmers in Uganda.

Objectives of this project

  • Initiate a local funding source for the beneficiaries in High Schools by providing them with tuition, uniforms and other need
  • Respond immediately to the needs and challenges of the School-going beneficiaries that are disowned by their relatives regularly and displaced in the community
  • Provide emergency/basic needs like food, medical care, clothing and sanitary materials to the beneficiaries in desperate situations or transitional homes.
  • Establish a demonstration farm managed by our target group hence making the leading growers of pineapples, passion fruits, bananas and maize in central Uganda

The land “4 acres” was purchased for this particular project. Through Education, the level of invisibility and illiteracy among the beneficiaries will be reduced. This will in turn translate into the beneficiaries to become defenders of their own rights.

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education and livelinood
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