our community empowerment project, a multifaceted approach to strengthening target groups

community empowerment

In the operation of EHA, the word “community” refers to its (target group or beneficiaries). In doing so, the following are the activities that fall under the Community Empowerment Project.

  • Creating safe communal spaces (physical and virtual)
  • Identifying common priorities, needs and goals
  • Establishing and sustaining groups led by the beneficiaries themselves.
  • Hold meetings, marches and rallies for rights of community, to the extent the legal context allows
  • Working to decriminalize freedom of expression or gender identity and behavior
  • Strengthening, engaging and expanding rights networks to promote the rights of the community at both local and global level
  • Prioritizing and investing in community-led HIV prevention approaches
  • Including the community in policy, programming and funding decisions
  • Training legal advocates to document and challenge human-rights violations
  • Raising wider community’s awareness of their rights
  • Forge relationships with organizations led by other line partners and other community groups
  • Incorporating participation of the community in formation of zonal/district/national level policies and programs
  • Training health-care providers and social-service agencies in rights and needs of the community
  • Involve the community in planning, implementation and delivery of health, legal and social services

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community empowerment
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